white girl slayer

family portrait of the new school free press editorial staff

“joa the white girl slayer” txt message i received from my sister in the School of Labor and Liberation (working title of a school of thought formed by some of the very brilliant people i have been blessed to think and work with over the last few years).

because white girl invented a superior position in relationship to me and i said back the fuck off, trick. because white girl‘s thoughtless interaction tampered with this deeply thoughtful apparatus called my body and i raised a mirror to make her reflect and this reflection brought her to tears and discomfort.

i recently was caught in the crossfire of the archaic battle between white consciousness with white consciousness. white person wants to understand diversity. white girl wants to set the parameters of what this process towards understanding looks like. white girl summons brown person to tap dance, release brown person’s “diversity secrets” and receive a black and brown 101, for free. brown person is brilliant. brown person is very busy revolutionizing pedagogy, busy smuggling resources out of white houses (pick one, universities, foundations, libraries, congress) into our indigenous houses. brown person has no problem multiloguing with white girl because brown person values allies in the movement. but white girl needs to understand, I AM NOT HER MAMMY. white girl needs to figure out some shit about herself first before she can approach me to learn about nos/otras.

i don’t mind being called joa the white girl slayer. if it’s a metaphor for resisting oppressive well-intentioned white folks, then i gotta keep on slaying. i know i’ll never be offered a contract for a tv show, despite how socially conscious my shit is.

now that i think about it, white girl‘s very much buffy the “vampire” slayer. after all, isn’t buffy a metaphor for white middle class women in the u.s. who dominate social services and the non-profit sector that work to eradicate poverty and dispel racism? i ain’t a fuckin vampire, trick, back the fuck off.

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One Response to white girl slayer

  1. Pablo says:

    >yes, slay on. the brown person is fierce.

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