neo apartheid: "higher" education

the word “higher” that precedes “education” in the phrase “higher education” in itself implies an institutional & capitalist “higher”archy whereby one faction within the system is elevated, enlightened and liberated at the expense of the enlightenment and freedom of others. these others, in this “post” slavery country as well as in “post” apartheid s. africa, are dominantly brown and black, while the majority of the people that benefit from the “higher”archy are anglo/white, of european descendants. what happened in the s. african university recently is a hideous act of hate, xenophobia, sexism, racism and classism (see video below). however, if we examine the social infrastructure of these institutions, we see that the maintaining of these institutions is contingent upon and only possible through the oppression of others. we can land at the place of holding the s. african students accountable, but a scenario like this is inevitable in any caste’d system of education.

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  1. Moises says:

    >Wow. Yeah… this is ridicule! If you want to know more about the origins of the oppressive ideology of Apartheid, look up the Afrikaans Bible (to this day still printed by the Afrikaner Dutch Reform Church). It was written by Rev. Malan, founder of the Nationalist Party and the Apartheid State.

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