exit song

Departure: Delayed
querida patria,
hoy sali a brasil para conocer a tierra extraña.
querido mexico,
perdoname por haberte abandonado para la mujer morena del sur.
querido, siempre si o siempre no, tierra estados “unidenses”,
divididos y conquistados,
me voy porque me quedo disilusionado por ti.
queridos sueños,
contigo viajo,
contigo me ubico,
contigo amanezco,
contigo nacaré.

i find myself in the borderlands place called JFK.
rubbing against varied purposes of travel.
rubbing against reasons,
that have been pursuaded to unroot themselves
and traject their bodies
into another land,
that one hopes to be fertile.
The body a seed,
to pollinate
a strange cactus,
surviving tierra familiar,
no a mí.

Arrival: On-time
They look at me and they gag.
They know that their ancestors
set it up so that my kind
wouldn’t be here with them.
They have erased
an acknowledgment
of our humanity
of our existence,
but I’ve learned how to manipulate
the shadow you’ve casted over me
to manipulate my invisibility
to you,
to walk through walls,
and expose my presence
around the conference room table,
the lecture halls,
front and center,
counting your money,
we/i and Here.

I have always been here.

I have come to Brasil to understand better
how the world
Sangue Africana
Raizes Indígenas,
Sujeira européia, Suciedad europea, european dirt.

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