again, responding to the epidemic of college "journalism"

college “journalism” seems to be infecting campuses throughout the united states. my brother Jaison Gardner, scholar at the University of Louisville sent me his diagnosis of this and you can read it here: (search Gay agenda, U of L promoting societal problems)

here was my response to this article written about PINK, an annual LGBTQ awareness-raising, pride event at UofL.

so many angles of criticism one can take to expose this delusional portrayal of “journalism”. however, one only needs to read a few sentences to understand the limitations of this writer’s understanding about diversity or humans as socially evolving, complex beings. on a personal note, it reads like a diary entry, a confessional, articulating his own frustrations, perhaps with not being able to find a long-term girlfriend because of the “breakdown of the family structure” by “gays” and “feminists”.

On a professional level, well, there isn’t one. His use of pop-knowledge about the movements and the issues add no new knowledge and simply reproduce/represent an ideology that Queer people, feminists, womynists, anti-racist workers, activists etc., are aware of and resist daily. His “article” is to be used as a case-study of the primitive, patriarchal, white man in America, mourning the loss of his “power”, left to build his identity from the outside in, from the ground up, in a world of fluidity and difference. If one day he happens to wake up, he’ll realize that it will work to his advantage to align himself with consciousness-raising groups, as opposed to running into the intellectual fire where he is now burning.

“next white person in line, please?” says the gate keeper to cognitive freedom.

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