A Letter to the Queers

as i sit here at the dallas airport waiting for my connecting flight, i’m thinking about the ancestral queers of color who with their writing documented their legacy and called into existence the 7 generations of queers of color to come. i am thinking of their queer ancestors before them. who might not have left behind a lexicon or a glyph system for future generations, instead their stories were inscribed on their bodies for their lovers to encounter and carry with them forever. i am here. generations later. i am here.

i write as i wait to board a plane to Mexico. My homeland. Cancun specifically. Mayan for The Nest of Serpents. a region of the country where the conquistadores first invaded some 500 years ago. i’m thinking about my indigenous ancestors who in spite of colonialism’s methods of genocide and attempts to decimate our people and traditions, survived and passed the knowledge we need to remember to continue existing. i am thinking of mi madrecita tierra and how she is inscribed on our bodies and the memory of her perfection imprinted on our minds.

i write as a young queer person of color of indigenous descent preparing to enter the space of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to negotiate the future of our mother earth. a daily negotiation for me. the UNFCCC, however, is an opportunity to test the governments of the world’s commitment to the earth and to the indigenous peoples of the earth. to date, the spiritually displaced and economically advantaged minions of colonialism and capitalism have ignorantly indulged in Mother Earth’s precious natural resources: her bodies of water and land, the carbon inside of her and we her children all have been exploited to benefit an elite few and control the economy of the home we share. i am going to Cancun to reclaim the rights of Mother Earth and insert the voice of a young urban migrant queer spiritual brown person, a voice at the intersection of oppression and transcendence, a voice otherwise excluded in those spaces and negotiations.

lately i’ve been thinking about how sexuality intersects with the environment. i sometimes feel isolated in my work and often wonder where are the other radical queers of color fighting for environmental justice. i’ve been thinking the incredible value of a bridge-building queerness within the movement toward a global honoring of our fierce madrecita tierra. i often wonder if mother earth had a sexuality, what would it be. she’s abundant and fierce. she got her shit together. she’s conscious. loving and critical. she loves up all on her self. and she’s perfect, like me, like all queer people, like humankind, she is perfectly designed. i know that i know that she’s definitely a woman. so, she’s gotta be queer feminist. i ain’t never see her with a man like that and she defies patriarchy way too much to be anything else. like the many queer feminist women in my life, i am honored to learn from Her and to follow Her lead.

I invite you to follow me as I follow Her and journey into the Nest of Serpents and challenge patriarchal imperialism and negotiate space, the rights of humans and mother earth and our collective future. I invite you to read my reflections and to view my videos, to get inspired and to reconnect with our Mother Earth, nuestra Pachamama, She’s a Sexy Pachamama just like you. I invite you to participate by commenting on my entries and help me shape the arguments inside the Convention, shape how we define the  REAL solutions to the climate crisis found in our daily acts of resistance and resilience. Join me as I continue to cultivate my spirituality and my ecological heart and mind. Join me as I call into existence the sustainable self-determination of the next 7 generations of queers of color to come and indigenous peoples around the world.

i dedicate my journey and my writing to my sisters and our mothers whose lives have been taken from them because of the genocide enacted on us every moment we are forced to strip our mountains, dig for oil, destroy the biological diversity that makes us One and complete, every second we are forced to work on the assembly lines in factories, pick crops on monocultural farms, drink contaminated water and breathe toxic air. to those who have been displaced from their homes and land in the name of conservation or development. to those who have lost their lives because of the genocide caused by the governments of this world who have left their people hungry and diseased and instead have fed their people violence and untruths about progress, freedom and democracy. hermanas, I remember you. Therefore, you are still alive.

Peace, Blessings y bastante Ashé,


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6 Responses to A Letter to the Queers

  1. LN says:

    Hella love your deep dedication to madrecita tierra, your community and yourself. Honored to join you in Cancun! SO much love!

  2. Neza Leal says:

    FUERTZ! It is because we are two-spirit/multi-spirit that we fight for the rights of the land, the water and the sky! Te quiero mucho Quetzalito!

  3. My says:

    Queer WOC working toward EJ by uplifting the youth here! *LOVE*

  4. anita says:

    beauty in your words and your spirit pull me to you…”we have matching bags of garbage” and together we will clean them out and fill them with new, sustainable healing energy! gladly i will take your invitation and read and comment. xo!

  5. Susana says:

    Bruja Fuertizima!

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