Turning the Inside OUT!

The future of Mother Earth and humankind negotiations in Cancun are being dominated by Europeans and the USA, the nations whose economies and emissions are the primary causes of climate change, meanwhile the global south peoples, the peoples most impacted by climate change, are being silenced.

Indigenous Peoples' Direct Action Outside UN Compound at Moon Palace, Cancun

The indigenous and Latin American young people delegations have organized and pushed back. We have negotiated for our equitable inclusion and will begin to put forward our arguments for stopping the speculative market mechanisms that are currently being prioritized in Cancun called REDDs.

Speculative Markets: the markets that lead to the housing/economic crisis in the US in 2008.

REDDs: these market mechanisms will create a market on forests and put a price on the air we breathe.

Latin American Young People Strategizing to Demand Inclusion Within UNFCCC

As a queer person of color of indigenous decent who is a part of the many social movements in the United States, I’ve been bringing together the many sectors of civil society and global social movements on the inside in Cancun to unify our strategy and to let the COP and UN know WE ARE HERE and WE WILL NOT LET THEM DECIDE ON OUR FUTURE… WE WILL NOT LET THEM MARKET OUR AIR.

Yesterday was our first full day of direct actions as unified civil society and global south peoples outside of the UN Compound at Moon Palace. The COP is now feeling the heat.

Indigenous Peoples' Demanding their Rights

I’m off to Chichén Itzá to join the social movement caravans that are arriving for a ceremony with the Maya people, to thank the Mayan ancestors for the knowledge and memory they left us and to honor and thank the Maya people who have survived for giving us permission to meet and struggle on their land. We have another week of false-solution-negotiations to infiltrate and of turning the inside OUT with our powerful voices and our direct actions.

Full of gratitude and strength,


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