Ecological Bruja

Ceremonia Maya en Piste/Chichén Itzá

The Social Movements, the Left and the Global South in Cancún for the Climate Change negotiations all recognize that the people who are dominating the negotiations are people who are spiritually displaced.

The elders have spoken to us about this understanding to prepare us as we deal with the toxic energy spiritually displaced people carry. Behind these doors the arguments for the survival of humynkind and the rights of our all abundant mother earth go unheard.

After returning each night from the negotiations, my body feels drenched in this fatalism. I bathe physically and spiritually to prepare me for another day.

Last night we talked the prophecy of 2012 of the Maya and the prophecy of 2010 of the Navajo. Sitting under the Mayan moon and stars with my Navajo and Native sisters, we were clear on where we came from and what we were put here to do. The new universe our bodies are breaking into is a breakthrough as well for our people back home.

We are coming full circle,


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