Climate Justice Holler from Cancun to Chicago

1:30-5:30 Ian Viteri – Clean Power Chicago
6:00-14:30 Kim Wasserman – Environmental Justice
15:00-19:30 Walter Lopez – LVEJO Mural Unveiling
19:30-27:30 Pablo Salon, UN Bolivian Ambassador
27:30-36:00 Joaquin Quetzal Sanchez, Climate Justice Organizer y Gadir Lavadenz, Bolivian Youth Delegate

Environmental Justice: From Cancun to Chicago

December 7th, 2010

Welcome to First Voice on Radio Arte, broadcasting live every Tuesday from the heart of Pilsen, Chicago.

For this edition of First Voice we turn our focus to Environmental Justice in the context of COP16 Climate negotiations in Cancun. E.J, which was a vision of environmentalism pioneered by Robert Bullard, looks at injustices that certain communities and groups are facing. This can include low-income communities of color that also experience economic injustices. This also applies to developing nations who are exposed to the harsh toxins that are created in the production process.

We speak with Ian Viteri (community organizer) and Kim Wasserman (Director) of Little Village Environmental Justice Organization about their vision for Chicago’s clean energy, and green economy-based future.

Andalusia Knoll (Red Road Cancun) interviews Pablo Salon (UN Ambassador for Bolivia) about climate justice, his opposition to carbon-trading (Cap and Trade), and rights for indigenous people. Listen to the entire interview here.

We finish with an interview with Joaquin Sanchez and Gadir Lavadenz, both climate activists who were in Cancun for the Climate talks. Joaquin was booted from the talks for showing solidarity with activists and walking out of the conference to join people calling for a more open an just process.

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