¡Globalicemos la Esperanza!

Day 10 of COP 16, December 8, 2010- Yesterday my accreditation, along with 4 others in the delegations, was revoked and we were ejected from the UN.

March Through "Moon Palace"/photo by Orin Languelle

WHY? Because we are using our privilege within the conference to lift the voices of women, Indigenous peoples around the world, campesinas y campesinos, young peoples and Queer people. We are using our place at the table to speak truth to the false market-based solutions that are currently being negotiated. We are a plurinational delegation decolonizing the UN Framework and pushing a framework that is rooted in the promise and philosophies of our ancestors. We are pushing forward the real solutions found in the struggle for survival of our people, our people who been resisting, surviving and thriving from time and memoriam.

An empowered queer young person of indigenous descent being mistreated by the UN security was scary. A delegation of peaceful protectors of Mother Earth being policed by thousands of riot police and soldiers during the last two weeks has been terrorizing. On the other side of all the violence, though, rests the incredible resilience of Spirit. Being kicked out the misnomered “Moon Palace” (Ix Chel is not happy with this) gave me the opportunity to return to my people, to return home:

La marcha de La Via Campesina y los pueblos del mundo restored my sanity. After 9 intense days behind closed doors and walls created by greed and our spiritually displaced sisters and brothers, it was a blessing to join mis hermanas y hermanos. To be affirmed that NO person has power of me. No government has power over me. No greed has power over me. No ignorance has power over me. No violence has power over me. No condition has power over me. To find my hermana in the marcha, Nayeli Hernandez, a transgendered woman living in Mexico DF, was to be reminded no social constructions have power over us and that everything we need, all the knowledge, resilience, LOVE and divinity of Creator is within us right now. With Spirit, globalicemos la lucha, globalicemos la esperanza! And so it is…

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