Flaming Bridge

Bridges are engineered and built by humans.
I am human.
I get to engineer and build again.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about relationships lately. Relationship.
As it relates to my organizing work. Personal life. Family life. Spiritual life.

I must admit, I haven’t always been the best at being in or maintaining a relationship. Of course this insight is in hindsight. Because we are always doing the best we can in the moment.

I’ve had my share of relationships that have gone sour, for a moment or an extended period of time. I’ve been in love and not. I’ve had a boss and not. I’ve been a son to parents and not. I’ve known Spirit and continue knowing. And I’ve learned. And healed. And with each layer of fear I’ve learned to peel off, I have evolved into my Truer Self.

My relationships are bridges. When I built some of them originally I might’ve designed them from a place of fear. And so they burned. Truth is, I was probably the one to set them on fire.

Today I declare reality. What is real. What is true. Love. In my engineering of the bridges in my life. In the building of these bridges. These eternal portals made of Love. I declare the bridges I built in the past have no power over me and no influence in my life. The Love I realize today overflows into my past and future.

And so it is.

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