Indian Land

"Indian Land" | photo taken at "decolonize/occupy oakland" 10/19/2011

For many across the globe now is the time to resist, a time to fight capitalism, a time to call out corporate power, a time for symbolic acts of courage, a time to unite, a time to hold the line, a time to speak out, a time to push, a time to be pushed, a time for civil disobedience, a time to cry, a time to shout, a time to camp out, a time to agitate, a time to collaborate, a time to “occupy”.

For me, at home in my body, at home in my miracle corner, el caracol de amor y milagros, now is the time to preserve, to pray, to write, to listen closely, to dialogue, to paint and make visual my deepest dreams, to re-member physically and spiritually. Now is a time to reflect, to hold a loved one in a tight embrace. A time to give thanks for the water I have to drink and for the food to nourish my body. A time to give thanks for the strength of my back, the health of my lungs, the clarity of my thoughts. The only time is now, to love mi comunidad y el amor de mi vida. A time to read poetry out loud, the time to reveal to myself words and ideas I’ve kept hiding in me for the last 500 years.

Now is the only time and the time to recover. To return. To open up and receive. To emerge. To return with life.

tlakuepayotia ika yoliztli

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