Canto del Corazón Joto

Como jotos, our acts of Love are actos con riesgo, acts with risk. Early on we learn that if we surrender to our corazones, we surrender to the risk of violencia y la destruccion de nuestros seres. Many of our brothers and sisters before us have lost their lives on the frontlines of the apocalypse called heterosexism and partriarchy. Those of us who survive are the healers of our deepest wound.

I write to heal. To honor the way our joto Love disarms, mustache to mustache, one beso at a time.

I write because my heart sings a joto Love song. Un canto of our curanderismo dwelling in our corazones. Nuestra capacidad de amar contra politicas, against the waves of violent fathers who have forgotten who they are some where between now and the first time they themselves felt powerless, as they migrated to this country or struggled to survive back home. Our ability to Love with the blessings of our madrecita’s, the keepers of our raíces, hidden in the depths of their almas. They feed us, their joto children, with the darks of their ojos, whispers of truth when they hold our autonomous bodies in a tight embrace: “mijo, te adoro tal y como eres.”

I write a joto Love song, un canto, to call home our elders, and our children, who left this world before they could leave us and future generations with the codex to describe their gifts of survival, their courage to Love, themselves and their lovers. To honor their journeys, even when they are filled with abusos y adicciones, or the absence of the knowledge we have today to protect our sacred bodies from the disease invented in partriarchy’s imagination, and those of us who live to tell the story.

I write this joto Love song because the time has come to open the gates to the joto pueblo called our corazón. El mundo está cambiando definitivamente. Patriarchal, heterosexist, greed driven value systems are destroying our madrecita tierra, tragando our hermanas y hermanos, mothers and fathers, vivos.

The time is now to Love al estilo joto. Como los “sin verguenzas” that our abuelas have called us. Without shame. Our Love is needed. In the face of our wounded sexual predators and abusers. In the face of our immigration captors who enslave our hombres, our warriors, and our mujeres, nuestras guerreras. Our Love, like our people, knows no borders. I write this joto Love song because we are born free.

Our Love is needed. Bold, courageous, transgressive and transcendent Love. Our joto Love is needed. Our corazones. Our pueblos. Nuestras ceremonias. Where we birth the prophecies and prayers of our ancestros.

Vente, jota. Vamos bajo el sol a sembrar el mundo y la tierra con nuestras semillitas de amor.

Always on the shoulders of those before me,


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One Response to Canto del Corazón Joto

  1. jhonatan says:

    kien sera mi ena morado

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