Un Sueño de los Cuatro Vientos

Before the GOP runs with a Hispanic presidential candidate in 2016, I have a message to share with you. This message came to me after months of organizing democratic voters in Nuevo México, in particular after 10 hours of canvassing in Albuquerque the night before we re-elected President Obama in 2012.

Los cuatro vientos del méxico antiguo brought to me a dream.


Albuquerque, NM– The National Council of Doctoras y Maestras is proud to announce their candidate for the 2028 US Presidential Election. Her name will be Guadalupe. Presidenta Guadalupe will run on a platform of women’s rights, the rights of mother earth, the rights of indigenous peoples, and on principles of love and harmony amongst all.  Her candidacy is no coincidence, rather, a manifestation of hundreds of years of cultural conservation, cultural resistance, and 16 years (2012-2028) of political evolution through the Hijas de Guadalupe political campaign.[…]

As we move forward to a second presidential term for President Barack Obama, we are presented with an opportunity to continue shifting the balance of power; we are presented with four more years to continue imagining new possibilities. Both Democratic and Republican parties are aware of the power of our raza’s vote. As raza we must remember the sacrifices of this election made by our gente on the frontlines of the current border and economic warfare. How will we use our influence to move forward? How will we respond politically when the Republicans fight back in 2014 when Gov. Susana Martinez is up for re-election? In 2016 when they handpick the perfect Hispanic for their presidential nomination? Is now the time to liberate the politics of our raza from this two-party system and exercise una nueva forma, una nueva alianza entre los pueblos migratorios, los pueblos indigenas, y con nuestras hermanas y hermanos del sur? Is now the time when one of our own, una hija nuestra, guided by the knowledge and wisdom of our matriarchal elders, positions herself to become the first Latina Presidenta de los estados unidos de america del norte?

Her name will be Guadalupe says the dream to me.

Yes, Democrats win in 2012. Our President Obama won by a very small margin that was largely composed of our gentes vote. We know there are more of us. In order for Presidenta Guadalupe to win, every single person in every community, rural or urban, will need to keep our eyes on the prize: a country, a government, a people, a way of living, that is founded on the highest forms of respect for women, cultures, and our mother earth.

Since childhood, my family has taught me to always remember my humble beginnings. In the spirit of mi familia, I emerge from this election stronger, affirmed, and with deeper humility. I emerge inspired, more creative, and with more vision. Blessed by comadritas y compadritos I have worked with along the way, I feel more rooted for the years to come and prepared for the road ahead. Gracias por la unidad.

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