Immigration Industrial Complex

Our social movements in the United States have been gentrified and commodified. European-America has put a monetary and political price-tag on our immigrant communities. They want our labor, they want our taxes, they want our issues, they want our causes. They want our water, they want our land. They ultimately want our voices. We know our ancestors spoke so that we could speak for ourselves. Our familias. Our stories. Our values. Our tradiciones. Our rezos. Our secretos.

In the spirit of Malcolm X, “The [Hispanic] revolution is controlled by foxy white liberals, by the Government itself. The [Indigenous] revolution is controlled only by [Creator].”

Look inward and backward, gente. Who’s shoulders’ do you stand on? Yes to participating in the “democracy” of the United States, but our freedom, our peoples’ lived (undocumented) history, our rights as indigenous migrant people of America, and our dreams should not be compromised.

¡él es dios!

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